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Vinyl DJ Skills 

The original art of DJ-ing comes in the format of record turntables and vinyl!  Learn how to mix music in its purest form.  Learn the history, culture & art form behind turntablism. Learn how to beatmatch by ear, using authentic methods of phrasing and original transition techniques. Master your mixer by performing accurate EQ manipulations, control level management and volume-gain control. Learn basic track structure - beats, bars and phrases. Learn how to be an original DJ. And remember... Vinyl is back! 

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Digital DJ Skills 

Master the art of DJ-ing using CDJ's and digital interface.  Beatmatch by ear and BPM.  Learn basic track structure; beats, bars and phrases.  Practice scratching, phrasing and transition techniques.  Perfect your mixing skills by EQ-ing, looping and sampling effects.  Understand level management and volume-gain control functions.  Mix and record. Advance your skills to 4-deck mixing, acapella remixing and producing.

Group Sessions & DJ  Workshops  

Fun, expressive and educational group sessions for adults and children of all ages and abilities.  Covering basic and advanced DJ skills and techniques.

Please contact Emma on 07983-577686 for more information.

Projects & Sponsors 
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